«Jan» (Alchemy dreams Armenia)

Screenwriter and Director: 

The consciousness starts to shudder when you realize that most important task of the project is to look into the beyond of crucifixion of Armenia. During two hours of the play lasting, with the mean of “THEATER MATE” you will live and see the world around with the eyes of God.

About Armenia and its ancient history numerous monographs were published, lots of documentary films and feature movies were directed; a huge number of plays were produced. However, despite the uniqueness and the persity of the ARMENIAN PHENOMENON, there was no any example of the copyright art precedent of the global level, which could turn upset down the whole imagination of the habitual perception of the Armenian nation in the minds of the world community, ever established.

One of the main ambitions of the project “JAN” is a force which with the help of author’s language can bring the world society closely to the possible interpretation of one of the most baffling codes of the world mythology through the HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY OF ARMENIAN DREAMS.

The project provides a unique technological solution of the production: the scenographic synthesis of the film-theater space, which allows the viewer to make a fantastic pilgrimage to the country of our ancestors, to the transcendent territory of spirits and passions of the ancient archetype of Armenians, to our Lost and again Regained Paradise...

The dramatic base of the play is built on the GREAT DREAM OF HAYASTAN, where on the fateful meal of the Age suddenly meet each other two main heroes of the play - ZHAMANAK and JAN, the Time and the Lump of clay of Armenians.

The uniqueness of the director's vision (the author of the project was V.GABBE) is appealed to create on the "pine ring" the theatrical MIRACLE by introducing to the advanced modern world community the FIGURE OF HAYASTAN as the UNIQUE CODE OF TIME.

"JAN" really impresses the modern audience (and not just an Armenian!) with its powerful scenic solutions, innovative implementation of the most vibrant, rock, powerful figures and pages of Armenian history, surprises with its magic of art, visuals and technology tools which help to create the fantastic effects of the momentary presence in the time and space!

The viewers of the play “JAN” have got a unique opportunity to make a spiritual pilgrimage to the ERGIR – the stolen motherland of our ancestors, and be guests at the Great Dream Fest, which had died with it once and forever.

In a great delight rushes up the look of the audience over the land of Armenia. The whole beauty of Armenia, from Sasun and Sis Mountains to turquoise waves of the pine Wang River are greeted to the viewer of the play.

Who gave us this land? Who took it away from us?..

For a long time the experienced audience of the modern theater saw no anything similar to such a great actor penetration and selfless dedication to the spiritual nature of the mankind. The presentation of the world project “JAN” in a unique view and idea of Vladimir Gabbe on the anniversary of the Theater has really became a sensation of the jubilee program due to its frankness, burning deep, the genre exclusivity and amazing actors play.

The overcrowded Column Hall of the Catherine Palace gave a standing ovation to the “birth” of a new theatrical miracle...


«Life does not encore»