Сергей Параджанов
Sergey Parajanov

Колонный зал Екатерининского дворца, где проходила юбилейная неделя
The Column Hall of the Catherine Palace where the anniversary week took place

Перед началом Параджановского бала
Before the beginning of the Paradjanov Evening

Ведущие юбилея - Владимир и Луиза Габбе
The emcees of the anniversary – Vladimir and Luisa Gabbe

Открытие юбилейной недели - Национальный балет
The opening of the anniversary week - The National Ballet "Revival"

Мастера приветствует грузинский танцевальный ансамбль
Masters welcomes the Georgian Dance Group "Khalis"

Тамара Гвердцители
Tamara Gvardtsiteli

From March 23 till March 28, 2004 in Moscow, in a historic building of the Catherine Palace (now s called the Cultural Center of the Armed Forces) the really enormous event – SERGEY PARAJANOV WEEK, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the greatest Master of the 20th century - took place.


“Parajanov Lobby” Moscow Art Theater with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was the main organizer of the anniversary week.


The name of Parajanov is forever written into the number of great names of the world cinema: F. Fellini, M. Antonioni, P. Pazolini, I. Bergman, A. Tarkovsky and others. Parajanov creation and oeuvre played a huge role in the process of formation of the world cinematography. Such masterpieces as "The Color of the Pomegranate", "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", "The Legend of the Surami Fortress" and "Ashik Kerib" made the fantastical and talented Russian director famous all over the world.


The anniversary week, which has a really unparalleled value in the cultural life of both, Russian and international societies, was called to show the World the real Parajanov without limits and borders and to recognize the real talent of the Master from all facets of his boundless oeuvre!


The anniversary week in the Column Hall of the Catherine Palace was started by the festive, colorful ball-concert "Our Master is 80!” which was produced and directed by VLADIMI GABBE. In this project such famous and popular stars of the Russian culture and art as YURI LUBIMOV, ELENA KAMBUROVA, ALLA DEMIDOVA, TAMARA GVARDRSITELI and dance-groups "Khalis" and "Flowers of Armenia".


On March 24 the unforgettable, bright and colorful evening with the main muse of the Masters and the national idol of Georgia and Armenia SOFIKO CHIAURELI took place.


As part of the anniversary week the complete retrospective of all movies and films directed by Parajanov was conducted. The museum-exhibition "PARAJANOVGRAD" and a unique photo-exhibition "PARAJANOVISLAND" were opened.


Among special guests of the anniversary week were such famous politicians and people of art as SUREN PARAJANOV, SVETLANA SHCHERBATYUK-PARAJANOVA, the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in the Russian Federation Mr. ARMEN SMBATYAN, the Ambassador of the Republic of Georgia in the Russian Federation Mr. KONSTANTIN KEMULARIA, the Advisor of the Ambassador of the Republic of Ukraine VLADIMIR HORN, national idol of Ukraine LARISA KADOCHNIKOVA, national idol of the Russian Federation TATIANA BESTAEVA, national idol of the USSR NANI BREGVADZE and many others.


The anniversary week was closed with faery premiere – the paroemia stage-play “Parajanov” directed by the founder and the leader of “Parajanov Lobby” Moscow Art Theater VLADIMIR GABBE.


Following the anniversary week, on April 6, at the Moscow House of Nationalities the 1st International Exhibition – the "Dedication to the Master" was opened. The exhibition was organized by “Parajanov Lobby” Moscow Art Theater, the Committee of Interregional Relations and National Policy of Moscow, the Center of Culture and Tolerance and "Tradition" Art Studio.


On April 15 at All-Russia Exhibition Center the international exhibition “The Russia Scene”, organized by RUSEKSPO and Theatre Union of Russia took place. Here, at this exhibition “Parajanov Lobby” Moscow Art Theater has presented its original, creative project (the only one in the world!) of the synthesis of the cinema and the theater through the experimental researches of the Parajanov genre. This project was awarded with “The Russia Scene” golden medal, while the artistic director of the theater – VLADIMIR GABBE was honored with the honorary diploma of the jury for the professionalism and estimable preservation of S. Parajanov cultural heritage.