Anniversary of the theater 2010y.

On March 31 in the Column Hall of the Catherine Palace, in a luxury holiday decoration the celebration of unforgettable anniversary of Parajanov Moscow Art Theater will take place!

Its 15th anniversary the Theater has celebrated with a truly ambitious program which gave the audience a wonderful palette of Parajanov planet with bright colors, vivid emotions, genuine sincerity and fervor fantastic festive mood, both on a stage and inside the magnificent Column Hall, where everything was dedicated to Sergei Parajanov. The atmosphere, reined in the Column Hall, was permeated with the talent of brave, bright and modern Theater which well-deserved preserves the legacy of the Great Maestro!

And you shouldn’t be surprised, dear friends, if one day you will find a door into the world of "PARAJANOVGRAD". You shouldn’t be surprised because you will never have enough strength for surprising at every turn, at every breath. Take a surprise as the style of breathing and get ready for a miracle. Because Dreams can never die. Same like Maestros never die. They always stay next to us. You just need to find a special path to visit and to see them. And the one who finds such a path will open a new world – the world of THEATER where he will be able to give a touch to Parajanov miracle of the fantastical life-event. Somewhere here, in this Theater, there is a door behind which you will find the crafty smiling Maestro. Maybe he is preparing his next stunning rally? The door can be drawn but the light coming from under of it is real. There, behind this door, you will find our eternal Home, from where fantastical dreams are appearing. This is the real miracle…Open the doors of this wonderful, fantastical MARVEL-THEATER!


The Great Maestro, in addition to his secrets and mysteries, has left us a legacy of his life-giving style. And on the birthday of his theater, the founder and the artistic director of Parajanov Moscow Theater Vladimir Gabbe has made ??the most important thing: he gave the audience the real HOLIDAY, which impressed everyone with its scope and emotional lift. The Holiday of Parajanov elegant taste and high spiritual mood can bravely be called the day of the perennial signs of the immortality!